Today, 15th November, inLane consortium partners Jordi Ortuño (Barcelona City Council) and Martí Massot (RACC) will speak at the Smart City Expo (in the 14:30 – 15:00 slot), held in Barcelona from 14th to 16th November.
The inLane presentation will present the technology that the project is developing and contrast it with other currently available navigation systems. Current systems are based only on GNSS and the cartography has no lane-level accuracy, only road-level information. Moreover, the information provided is often not precise regarding the vehicle’s actual position. To improve this, inLane has developed a low-cost, lane-level navigation application through the fusion of EGNSS and Computer Vision technology. inLane aims to enable a new generation of enhanced mapping information with real-time updating based on crowdsourcing techniques.
inLane will also be present at the Hall2 stand C345 to talk with interested participants.
inLane will return to Barcelona in June 2018 for the final testing of the inLane lane-level navigation application.

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