Martí Massot, RACC presented the inLane project to an audience of approx. 75 participants at the 2016 Smart City Expo on 17 November 2016 in Barcelona during the session: GALILEO 4 Mobility.

The session introduced the status of GALILEO System Deployment and its benefits for urban mobility services. Following a brief technical description, examples of mobility services making use of the system were presented, including the proposal of inLane.


The event proposed a round of presentations and subsequent discussion by a panel of experts. The agenda of the session was as follows:

  • “Introduction to GALILEO”, European GNSS Agency
  • “GALILEO and its benefits for urban mobility and ITS”, Pildo Labs
  • “GALILEO for sharing services”, CLEM and Going Green
  • “The In-Lane project”, RACC
  • “GALILEO demonstrators for Barcelona municipal services”, Barcelona City Council – IMI