inLane takes the stage alongside WePods and CRF at this year’s ESS focus session

Following keynote speeches from Alberto Fernandez Wyttenbach (GSA), Emanuela Barreca (DG GROW), Edwin Nas (Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment) and Geoff Sawyer (EARSC), the smart mobility focus day of ESS16 featured four panel sessions presenting benefits of space solutions for road and traffic management sectors.

Gorka Velez (Vicomtech-IK4) presented the inLane initiative – “Satellite navigation and computer vision fusion for accurate lane level navigation and automatic map ” alongside speakers Peter de Bakker (Wepods) who gave a presentation on  “Autonomous people movers: solutions for the last-mile driver less transportation” and Luisa Andreone (CRF) who spoke on “Vehicle gelocation for automation“.

This was the first truly international event for inLane to present itself to a wider, and very grateful audience. It was also a great opportunity to showcase the work inLane partners have done so far, in the framework of defining the architecture of the platform. Such a well-attended event serves as great tool to let the Europe-wide audience know about the advancements made and foreseen in digital cartography and ADAS using computer vision and GNSS. Attendees were hungry for details, approaching presenter, Gorka Velez after the presentation for further information on the project.

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