Project co-ordinator Oihana Otaegui (Vicomtech-IK4) presented the paper  “Low Cost GNSS and Computer Vision Fusion for ADAS”  during the technical session “TS14: Mapping & navigation using satellite technology” that took place on Tuesday, 7 June at the 11th ITS European Congress in Glasgow.

The session featured various interesting, disrupting and innovative ideas on using satellite technologies in ITS, specifically in mapping and navigation including scientific papers on trajectory-oriented traffic management using sequential discount rate, automated estimation of lane center lines base don FCD, and technical papers on using mobile robots to increase efficiency in building motorways and generating HR road maps with radars satellites among others.

Further, Oihana also contributed to a special interest session on “Robust satellite navigation solutions for enhanced driver assistance applications” on Wednesday, 8 June along speakers from ICCS, ISMB and CRF to share knowledge and discuss  the challenges and opportunities GNSS presents from a technical as well as business perspective.

Proceedings for Congress participants will be made available soon!